Plastic Heroes

Cody watched in horror as the darkening clouds came closer and closer to their small sea-side town. He heard the panicked noises of cars on the roads behind his house, his sister talking to her barbies inside, and the sound of his parents hurriedly nailing boards over every window. He sat at the doorway of his family’s small house and watched the waves crashing against the small wall designed to keep high tide out of the streets.

His small hands held a Dark figure tightly.

“Don’t worry, Cody. We’ll protect you.” It said.

He picked up the Wonder Boy. “We won’t let that storm touch this house.”

Cody’s mother and father appeared in the doorway and pulled Cody into their innermost bedroom, where his older sister was already settled in. “We’ll be fine here until Tomorrow.” Father said, “Then we’ll go to the shelter.”

Cody was tucked into bed and left to sleep. He lay awake for a long time listening to the sounds of cars passing and strong winds blowing on the boards over their windows.

He put down the Dark figure and picked up something stronger.

“Even we can’t fight nature.” The Alien Prince said.

“We can do this!” the other Alien said, “We have to do this! Cody needs us!”

“Are you sure we shouldn’t run?” The blue ranger asked.

“They would lose everything.” The green ranger answered.

“We can’t let that happen.” The red ranger said.

Cody’s parents came out and took him inside. They locked the doors. The sun was still up, but the boarded windows left the house in darkness.

With a worried heart, Cody slipped into sleep.

When he awoke, it was to sirens and panicked voices. “Cody! Alice! Wake up! We have to go!”

Cody was lifted out of the bed and carried away as quickly his mother could run. They rushed out the back door and into the small family car his father already had running, Alice fighting with her safety belt and his mother fighting with his. Cody looked out the window at the high waves crashing against the wall and the dark clouds all around them.

Cody’s father pulled the car into drive and Cody watched the back window as the storm attacked their home, defended bravely by his closest friends.

The aliens flew into the storm, attacking the ominous spinning clouds. The clouds separated under his assault but gathered quickly. The Alien Prince fought the seas. He broke the walls of water, spreading them out and away from Cody’s home. But each wall of water was followed by another.

The rangers took their places in front of the house. Their metallic paint reflected the lightning flashes. Cody knew there was nothing they could do against the storm. The they had no special powers. Colored lasers shot into the darkness.

One of Alice’s heroes stood out against the ocean. She pushed the waves aside like dancing, pushing the tides away from their little town and back toward the ocean. Cody watched the blue haired barbie’s magic sway the ocean.

The clouds descended from the sky like a wisp of smoke reaching down to whip at the sandy beach. The doll vanished from sight as the ocean came back with force.

Darkness covered the back window of the four-door and Cody could no longer see the battle. Mom’s quiet comforting sounded far away. When the darkness lifted, Cody could see the exit of a tunnel but nothing farther. They had escaped but his heroes had been left at the storm’s wrath.

The shelter, the storm, the crying children. The ravaged streets and lines for food. When they returned to the scene of the destruction, Cody could see a ravaged frame where their house had been. Fractions of their home were scattered along the beach, washed out by the retreating ocean. Cody’s sneakers sunk in the mud as he searched for his friends. There was nothing to be found.

He stood at the front door and looked out into the ocean. The cruel ocean that had destroyed everything. Cody’s father dug a ditch through their lot, draining the remaining water into the street.

The sun caught shimmers of color. Red, Green, and Blue plastic stood out against the dark mud. Cody ran to the riverlets and dug his hands in, pulling out glass and splintered wood as he dug. A blue chest, a red leg, a green arm, a stained white glove. He crawled farther down the stream, searching for the missing pieces of what the ocean had taken. Muscled arms, broken armor, a chunk of spiked plastic hair. At the very edge of their lot, stuck to the side of the drainage ditch, he found a small figure, his cape all but untouched.

He held the Wonder Boy in his hands and stepped away from the drain.

“Don’t worry, Wonder Boy.” Cody said, just like his father had been saying to him, “We will rebuild.”

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